All Enjoy! products are completely plant-based and registered Vegan by The Vegan Society. We source raw ingredients from farmers whose production methods are cruelty-free.

Vegan. Vegan-friendly. Dairy-free. Milk-free. Plant-based. There are many labels out there. You can buy Enjoy! with confidence as we use no animal products and our ingredients list is plain speaking. 

Vegan Society Logo

Be Label Aware

  • Some dairy-free labels carry a Vegan symbol designed to look similar to the official Vegan Society logo.
  • Some “Vegan” or “Dairy-Free” products have sneaky “may contain milk” small-print on their wrappers!  In contrast, we’re so strict about milk, visitors to our premises are only offered black tea or coffee!

We appreciate that being Vegan is not just about being dairy-free for dietary reasons. Some benefits of supporting Veganism, highlighted by The Vegan Society, include the prevention of animal exploitation and environmental concerns.

Enjoy! Vegan products