We say our chocolate is made without compromise. Being sustainable is as important to us as great taste. 

Ingredient Sourcing
Scale is everything and currently we partner with importers for our ingredients to meet our sustainability goals.

As our business grows in scale, we aim to work directly with farmers to create closer relationships and more financial rewards for them.

We use ingredients sourced from coconuts, including: coconut sugar, creamed coconut and coconut oil. Coconut sugar, which comes from tapping the coconut palm tree, is more sustainable than cane sugar. This is because coconut palms benefit the environment - they require very little water and improve soil quality. Tapping palm trees for sugar has been carried out for centuries and does not harm the trees nor affect their ability to produce coconuts.

We would never use palm oil in our products because of its negative environmental impact.


All our product packaging, together with the packaging we use for delivery, is recyclable. Please see the details below:



    Where recycled


    Paper outer

    Foil inner

    Card/ Paper recycling

    Foil recycling points

    Buttons & fudge

    LDPE Bag

    Soft plastics recycling points in large supermarkets

    Boxes of chocolate

    Cardboard box

    PET plastic tray

    Card/ paper recycling

    Check household collections (or use a paid-for, private company like TerraCycle)


    Outer boxes/ paper padding/

    packing Tape

    Card/paper recycling