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The magic of our product range is its ability to deliver a high-quality, taste sensation, using a base of just three organic, pure ingredients:
  100% organic raw cacao powder
100% organic cacao butter
  100% organic coconut sugar

That’s it. Nothing else.              



Below information will definitely help you.

- Our organic cacao powder and cacao butter are sourced from Peru

- Our organic coconut blossom sugar comes from Indonesia and the Philippines

- Organic creamed coconut from Indonesia and the Philippines

Although our chocolate contains coconut blossom sugar rather than refined cane sugar, we would not recommend it as being suitable for diabetics.

Our website isn’t set up for overseas sales yet, but if you send us an email at info@enjoyrawchocolate.com with your order, your city and country, we will be able to give you a quote for shipping. In this situation, we would need payment by bank transfer before we sent your order out.

We don’t recommend this as the moisture in the fridge can cause the chocolate to bloom, and may adversely affect the taste. Instead, we suggest storing it between 16 and 18⁰C and away from direct sunlight.

Yes. PayPal will offer you the choice of using either using a PayPal account or a credit card. You just need to select “Checkout as a guest” on the PayPal payment page.

Our recipes and factory are nut-free. We regularly test our products in an independent laboratory for traces of hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts.

Yes, all of our ingredients are 100% organic. Our bars are certified organic by the Soil Association.

Yes, all of our bars are completely free from dairy. We are proud to be registered with the Vegan Society.

It is more expensive than some other roasted chocolate brands because we use raw cacao, which is more expensive than roasted beans, and coconut blossom sugar, which is more expensive than refined sugars. In addition, our ingredients are all premium quality and organic.

Our recipes and factory are free from dairy, gluten and soya. We regularly test our products in an independent laboratory for these allergens.

Most commercially available chocolate is made from cocoa powder that has been produced by roasting cocoa beans to very high temperatures. However, our raw chocolate is made from powder which comes from cacao beans that have been naturally dried and cold pressed (not roasted!). There is evidence to suggest that raw chocolate contains more antioxidants than the roasted variety.



Scale is everything and at the moment our volumes are small so we use importers for our ingredients, who we work with to meet our sustainability aims. Once we are producing on a larger scale, we will look to go direct to the growers to enable us to build relationships and provide a better financial deal for them

We would like all our packaging to be recyclable or compostable in the future. However, we need to use plastic for the inner bags at the moment. Our issues are:
We need the part of the packaging in touch with the chocolate to be food grade, which limits our choices 
Our bags have to be a material that can be heat-sealed, and also approved by the Soil Association (many compostable bags are made from genetically modified crops).We are continuing to work on this, reviewing new potential packaging solutions as they come to market.
At the moment you can recycle:


Outer wrappers (Paper)Card/paper recycling

Foil (Foil backed paper)
Although the constituent parts are recyclable, we haven’t found anywhere to recycle these.

Buttons & Chocolates

Outer wrappers (Card)Card/paper recycling

Clear Trays (Plastic - PET)
Can go into mixed plastics recycling, where available


Outer wrappers (Card)Card/paper recycling

Clear Bags (Plastic - PP polypropylene)
PP is not as recyclable as PET, but should be accepted where mixed plastic recycling* is done

For more info on recycling plastics: Click Here


We use paper bubble wrap and brown packing paper to protect the chocolate in outer cardboard boxes.We only use plastic bubble wrap, when we are re-using packaging that has been sent to us. 

100% Organic!