Joy for All

Joy for All

Everyone should be free to enjoy delicious chocolate.  Our mission is to create fabulous Vegan treats for all: from the most discerning chocoholic, to eco champions, to those with tricky food needs. 

With Enjoy! there is no need to compromise - we create indulgent, Organic, dairy-free dark chocolate for both adults and children to enjoy. Some chocoholics may avoid ingredients through diet, health or personal preference, but no chocolate lover will ever compromise on fabulous taste. 

Enjoy!’s philosophy is to keep things simple. We believe chocolate tastes significantly better when simply made, with just a few Organic ingredients and no hidden nasties.

Our short ingredient list demonstrates just that. We only include what’s needed for pure deliciousness, with recognisable ingredients and none you can’t pronounce!

So simple!

Our recipes and factory are dairy-free, soya-free, gluten-free, nut-free and we use coconut sugar in preference to refined sugar. Read more

Our expertise comes from our chief-choccy maker Tyrone Hull, a Michelin star trained chocolatier and pastry chef. Forbidden from using the typical ingredients of mass-produced chocolate, a very patient Tyrone has worked his magic crafting new processes. His life would be far easier with more ingredients, but that’s not our way. Tyrone would argue our quest for simplicity means more complexity for him!

Enjoy! Tyrone, the creative genius behind our recipies

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