What makes our chocolate taste different to others? We think it’s our commitment to using the best quality ingredients, together with our unique manufacturing processes. 

At the heart of Enjoy! is our magical trinity of ingredients – cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and coconut sugar. Unlike most chocolate manufacturers we use coconut sugar in preference to refined sugar, because we think it offers a distinct caramel taste to our products and it is more sustainable. (See our sustainability page for more information.)

Other carefully chosen ingredients are added to create different flavours and textures. Our philosophy is to keep recipes simple with as few ingredients as possible. 

Is your chocolate still Organic?

Our chocolate is no longer certified as organic. When we rebranded in October 2023, we decided to use tiny quantities of “Invertase” in our soft-centred chocolate products to improve the quality of the fillings by keeping them softer for longer.  Invertase is not an organic ingredient, and the Soil Association informed us that if we used it, we could no longer claim our products are organic.

Solid Bars/ Dark 70% Solid Buttons

Enjoy!’s solid Dark 70% bars & buttons, and Dark 85% bars contain just three ingredients: cocoa powder, cocoa butter and coconut sugar. 

Our three flavoured solid bars (mint, orange and coconut) contain just one more ingredient- either mint oil, orange oil or creamed coconut, depending on the flavour.

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Filled Bars, Buttons and Boxed Chocolates

Our unique filled products also contain the same “trinity” of cocoa powder, cocoa butter and coconut sugar as our solid chocolate range. However, the addition of flavoured fillings means that these products necessarily contain more ingredients to create the best taste and texture.

One ingredient we now add to our filled products that may be unfamiliar is invertase. We use tiny quantities of invertase to ensure our centres remain soft and gooey for longer. 

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Chocolate Fudge

Enjoy!’s plant-based chocolate fudge contains 6 ingredients. Of these, the largest ingredient is coconut milk, which replaces dairy. The other ingredients are old favourites as they appear in lots of Enjoy! products, except for lemon juice and banana powder. The latter appears only in our Banana & Chocolate Flavoured Fudge, but we use lemon juice in all 4 of our fudges to balance the sweetness of the coconut sugar. 

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