Genius Foods created this gorgeous recipe using their gluten free pancakes and crumpets, topped with dairy free ice cream and our melted chocolate, buttons and caramels on top!


- 1 pack of Genius Foods gluten-free and milk-free crumpets

- 1 pack of Genius Foods gluten-free and milk-free pancakes

- 3 scoops of dairy-free ice cream (we go for Cecily's!)

- 1 Enjoy! Chocolate bar, melted

- Handful of Enjoy! Chocolate buttons

- Handful of Enjoy! Chocolate caramels


1. Start by toasting the Genius Foods crumpets until they are golden brown and deliciously crispy. Set them aside for a moment.

2. Next, warm up the Genius Foods pancakes in a pan or microwave until they are soft and fluffy. Be careful not to overcook them!

3. Take out your favourite bowl or plate and place the warm crumpets and pancakes on it, arranging them in a playful and creative way.

4. Now, scoop a generous amount of your dairy-free ice cream on top of the crumpets and pancakes. Feel free to mix and match flavours!

5. Drizzle the melted Enjoy! Chocolate bar over the entire creation, making sure to melt in a bowl over a pan of bowling water.

6. Sprinkle a handful of Enjoy! Chocolate buttons and caramels on top to add a delightful crunch.

Take a moment to admire your masterpiece before digging in! The combination of warm crumpets, fluffy pancakes, creamy ice cream, and decadent melted chocolate with delightful toppings is simply irresistible.


Remember to have fun and get creative with this recipe. Feel free to add your own personal touch by incorporating additional toppings or decorations. Enjoy!