To celebrate National Ice Cream Day, we teamed up with our friends at Bad Brownie and Cecily's to form this indulgent sundae!

Recipe courtesy of Bad Brownie


A box of Bad Brownies (vegan and free from options here)

Enjoy! Free From Dark Chocolate (we'd recommend our solid bars)

Cecily's Vegan Pure Caramel Ice Cream

The Method

Prep time: 10 mins to assemble

1. Chop up your brownies into smaller, bite sized pieces, we used about 5 brownies for this.

2. Grab your fave dessert glass and chuck in a handful of the cut up brownie bites.

3. Add a scoop (or 2) of Cecily's Pure Caramel Ice Cream.

4. Melt some Enjoy! Dark Chocolate and drizzle over the ice cream.

5. Keep layering and repeat the process until you've filled up your dessert glass.

6. Top with a square of Enjoy! chocolate.

7. The most important step, enjoy!