We've got a 'berry' tasty recipe to share today from @simply__steff
  • Base: Medjool dates (washed, pitted and flattened)
  • Centre: Cashew butter, raspberry jam (no refined sugar), oaty 'crumble' (made from oats, coconut oil, maple syrup and coconut sugar)
  • Chocolate coating: ENJOY dark coconut chocolate
  • Topping: fruity granola (naturally sweetened)



  1. Clean, pit and flatten the medjool dates on parchment paper
  2. Top the dates with a thick layer of cashew butter, followed by a generous amount of jam
  3. Crumble the oaty mixture onto the dates, cashew butter and jam, and lightly press down onto the oaty mixture so that it is more 'compact'
  4. Melt your chocolate and pour onto the base and central layers
  5. Scatter over some granola and fresh berries and VOILA!
  6. Leave to set in the fridge (should also be stored in the fridge- or the freezer for a delicious frozen treat!)


There it is - we hope you Enjoy!