Many people consider dark chocolate to be ‘healthy’ or view it as a sneaky cheat-treat… 

Whilst we don’t suggest resorting to dark chocolate in lieu of eating well, the idea that eating chocolate with a high cocoa content has health benefits is actually not a myth! 

Dark chocolate that contains a cocoa content of 70%+, is proven to have a lot of benefits and is full of nutrients that can positively affect your health. The higher the cacao content, the fewer other ingredients (mainly sugar) the chocolate contains and the better the benefits - if eaten in moderation!

Here at Enjoy!, our solid chocolate bars and buttons (not our low sugar bars) contain a cacao content of at least 70%. The sugar content is higher in our filled bars because of the filling, however the cacao content of the chocolate shell is still 70%.

It’s a source of nutrients and fibre

70% dark chocolate is a source of fibre, which benefits the gut, and is high in iron, magnesium, copper and manganese. It also contains zinc, calcium, potassium and traces of vitamins A, B, E and K.

It’s a powerful source of antioxidants 

Dark chocolate is full of organic compounds which are “biologically active and function as antioxidants” (source: Healthline). In fact, they have a wide variety of powerful antioxidants, more so than other foods, which may be beneficial towards preventing or delaying some types of cell damage. 

It may help to prevent heart disease 

One of the biggest benefits that research suggests, is that small amounts of dark chocolate may have a role in improving heart and vascular health (source: Everyday Health). This is due to the flavonoids found in dark chocolate, which are “chemicals [that] help produce nitric oxide, which causes blood vessels to relax and blood pressure to lower”. 

It may improve brain function 

As research indicates that small amounts of dark chocolate may be beneficial to the vascular system, it may also improve blood flow, particularly to the brain (source: Good Food). Consequently, it may have positive effects on memory and cognition. 

Lifts the mood?

Chocolate lovers say it makes them feel happy! Dark chocolate stimulates the release of the feel-good endorphins, so there is some evidence for this claim. (Source:9 Benefits of Dark Chocolate & How Much You Should Eat (joinzoe.com)

It tastes great! 

Perhaps most importantly, dark chocolate is delicious! 

Here at Enjoy!, we have a wide range of delicious dark chocolate products, covering different flavours, levels of sweetness and textures. 

We’ve got something for every chocoholic to enjoy, so you can make the most of the great benefits that eating dark chocolate has to offer! 

It’s a great excuse (if you need one!) to place an order…