Here at Enjoy!, we’re proud to open up the joy of fabulous tasting chocolate to everyone, including those with dietary restrictions and requirements.

If you have food intolerances or are vegan you may be resigned to compromising on the taste, texture and variety in your chocolate.

If so, think again! Our filled bars are delicious indulgent treats, made with the best quality ingredients by us in our dedicated Hampshire facility.

BUT as we’ve found out that not everyone gets what our filled bars are about, we thought we’d have a go at explaining, with the help of some of their fans…!

What’s so great about our filled bars? 

It’s all about the ingredients and recipe!

First of all, we create the 70% dark chocolate for the outer casing of the filled bars, made from our three core ingredients- raw cacao powder, cocoa butter and coconut sugar. We use a higher ratio of cocoa butter to powder in our chocolate, which adds creaminess and reduces the bitterness associated with 70% cocoa solids chocolate. 

Next comes the all-important filling. Despite being completely dairy-free, our clever chocolate maker Tyrone has come up with a filling that tastes like it’s made from sticky, delicious caramel! The filled bars necessarily have more ingredients than our solid bars- but they are all still natural and completely recognisable. Unlike many vegan products that are highly processed in order to emulate the taste and texture of the missing animal-derived ingredients, ours include absolutely no “nasties”! 

Put the outer and inner together and what do you get? A crowd-pleasing contrast in taste and texture between the crisp. 70% dark chocolate outer and the soft, sweet filling. 

Which flavour should you choose? 

Enjoy!’s filled chocolate bars come in four fabulous flavours:

Salted Caramel...

Our best-selling  Sumptuous Salted Caramel Filled Bar tastes so good it’s hard to believe it’s 100% vegan and free from! 

For a sweet yet salty fix, this is your go-to bar…

 “The best ever decadent raw choccy treat created …” 

“So delicious 😋 Perfect taste and consistency” (Customer reviews)

 Velvety Vanilla...


You’ll love our Velvety Vanilla Filled Bar for its sweet Madagascan vanilla centre, and dark chocolate exterior! 

 “Love the soft vanilla in the chocolate and enjoy them very much” (Customer review)

 Opulent Orange...


Zesty, tangy and deliciously sweet, our Opulent Orange Filled Bar is a great choice for those citrus cravings! 

 “Orange has always been my favourite and I love the soft filling and enjoy having this in the evening but I have to stop myself from eating the whole bar as it is so delicious.” (Customer review)

 Magical Mint...


Last, but certainly not least, our Magical Mint Filled Bar is a fresh-tasting, 'creamy' & smooth textured indulgent treat! 

“…so yum the bar needs to be bigger as can't get enough” (Customer review)


(Customer reviews taken from our independent review site Feefo)

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