70 is the number we are all talking about at the moment!

To celebrate this weekend’s Platinum Jubilee, we thought we’d focus on another “Sensational 70” with our 70% dark chocolate! 

What does 70% mean? 

All our recipes contain just a few, natural ingredients. Our three core ingredients are cocoa butter & raw cacao powder (known as cocoa solids) and coconut sugar. As a minimum, all of our dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa solids. To create our different flavours and textures, we add further natural ingredients; for example our 70% solid mint bar contains the three core ingredients, together with a few drops of mint oil. That’s it.

How do we get an intense flavour without bitterness? 

Our dark chocolate is considered ‘couverture’, meaning we use a higher ratio of cacao butter to cacao powder. This reduces the bitterness associated with high cocoa solids chocolate and increases “creaminess”. 

Are there health benefits? 

Dark chocolate is considered to be a healthier sweet treat due to its high  cacao content. Cacao is believed to have numerous health benefits, particularly on the cardiovascular and immune system. In order to benefit from the positive effects, you need to eat dark chocolate with a cacao content of at least 70%. Two squares a day is the maximum amount recommended in order to benefit from cacao. 

70 is a majestic number!

Whichever 70% chocolate you indulge in, we wish you a very happy Platinum Jubilee weekend!