Giving chocolate as a gift has become synonymous with romantic love - especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day. In this blog, we take a look at why…

Why do we give chocolate on Valentine’s Day? 

This tradition is relatively recent, but love and chocolate have been linked since the time of the Mayans. They  brewed a type of early hot chocolate drink that was an important part of their wedding rituals. 

Throughout history, chocolate has had a reputation as an aphrodisiac. However, whilst it contains two chemicals associated with love and desire (tryptophan and phenylethylamine), scientists say they are not present in sufficient quantities to have a strong aphrodisiac effect.

Although Valentine’s Day has Roman origins, it was the Victorians who turned it into the festival we know today. In the 1860s Cadbury was the first company to produce heart shaped boxes of chocolates for gifting on Valentine’s Day. Other chocolate manufacturers followed suit and the tradition of giving chocolate on Valentine’s Day was well and truly born.

Whilst this makes for an interesting story, it’s safe to say not everyone is a fan of Valentine’s- especially people who aren’t in a romantic relationship, and those who dislike the commercialism associated with the day.  

Chocolate’s not just for Valentines!

The Mayans were definitely onto something when they linked love with chocolate- it is now well known that eating chocolate releases endorphins and makes you feel like you’re in love! 

Of course, love isn’t restricted to one type of relationship, or indeed one day of the year.

So why not share the love with friends and family, or treat yourself.

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