free from vegan fudge

A common misconception that people with dietary requirements/preferences face is a lack of variety when it comes to sweet treats. Our mission has always been to create delicious chocolatey treats without compromising on quality and taste, that everyone can enjoy.

Now, you may already be a fan of our filled and solid bars, or you might have tried our soft-centred buttons, but did you know that we offer even more than that? Today we want to draw your attention to the delicious delicacy that is our chocolate fudge! 

What makes our fudge so special? 

As with all our great-tasting products, it’s all down to the balance of quality ingredients in our recipes that delivers our luxurious, decadently-delicious fudge. 

We make our chocolate fudge with a handful of natural, free from ingredients, with no “nasties'' added. We use coconut milk instead of dairy, and coconut sugar in preference to refined sugar. We also add a dash of lemon juice which stops the fudge from being over-sweet. The ratio and combination of ingredients makes our Vegan fudge caramelly and moreish, with each distinct flavour standing out on its own - you’ll have to try them all! 

They’re perfect to enjoy in the heat of summer, as the fudge doesn’t melt until it reaches in excess of 45 degrees!

Introducing our flavours:  

Enjoy!’s delicious chocolate fudge is available in four fabulous flavours: 

Velvety Vanilla


Our best-selling vanilla fudge is flavoured with the best quality Madagascan vanilla powder, which, when combined with the caramelly-sweetness of the coconut sugar, gives a mouthwatering taste experience!

Barmy Banoffee


Our Barmy Banoffee fudge is the perfect combination of sweet coconut sugar and banana powder - will you go bananas for barmy banoffee?!

Opulent Orange


You won’t be able to resist the temptation of tangy orange - the combination of orange oil and lemon juice creates a delicious, zesty taste! 


Magical Mint


This is the fudge flavour for you if you love mint chocolate. Our minty-fresh, crumbly Magical Mint fudge is very moreish! 


Which flavour are you going to treat yourself to?