Everyone should be able to eat great tasting chocolate, regardless of their dietary needs and preferences- that is reason for Enjoy!’s existence, and it continues to be our mission today! 

Our use of Organic, natural ingredients is at the heart of our philosophy.

What ingredients? 

The three ingredients that form the basis of all our recipes are: 

  1. Organic raw cacao powder
  2. Organic cacao butter
  3. Organic coconut sugar

That’s it! Just three simple ingredients that create a delicious, mouth-watering experience for everyone to enjoy. 

Why use Organic ingredients? 

Not only do Organic farming practices reduce pollution and promote a self-sustaining cycle of resources, but there also is a growing amount of evidence for the health benefits of organically produced food.

These benefits include:

Nutrients - an increase of nutrients in organic produce, and an increase in flavonoids which have antioxidant properties. 

Lower toxic metal - significantly lower cadmium levels in organic grain, a chemical that is naturally found in soils. 

Lower pesticide residue - lower detectable levels of pesticide residue. 

Just some of these reasons why we’re proud to be certified as Organic by the Soil Association! 

Is Enjoy! a “healthier” chocolate?

There is an increasing trend focusing on chocolate that is better for you. While we can’t claim our chocolate is good for you, the fact that Enjoy! chocolate is a minimum of 70% cacao solids and made with natural Organic ingredients without any “nasties”, is reassuring for those who enjoy chocolate as a treat.  There is even research which suggests dark chocolate is high in antioxidants and can boost cardiovascular health- but sadly just two squares a day!