We’ve got exciting news! 

It’s something we’ve kept on the down-low for a while, but now we can finally announce the release of… 


Enjoy!’s free from, vegan, Low Sugar Choc bars in Orange and Mint flavours have the same high quality ingredients and great taste you’d expect from our chocolate, but contain just 3g of sugar. We add sweetness to these bars through the use of Erythritol, Tiger Nut and Inulin. 

  • Erythritol is a sugar substitute that has the same sweetness as sucrose but fewer calories, and a Glycaemic Index of zero so it doesn’t raise blood sugar levels 
  • Tiger Nuts are actually sweet-tasting tubers, and have nothing to do with either tigers or nuts(!), and they are rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals 
  • Inulin is a type of sugar known as a fructan, which has prebiotic qualities i.e., it prompts healthy gut bacterial growth 

Due to the addition of these sweeteners, our Low Sugar Choc Bars are sweeter-tasting and less “dark” (i.e., contains a lower % of cocoa solids) than the usual Enjoy! chocolate you may already know and love. Texture-wise they are a little softer than our usual chocolate bars due to the use of coconut milk, which we add to give a creamier taste. 

The great taste of low sugar… 

Our Low Sugar Choc Bars necessarily contain more ingredients than our usual solid chocolate bars, but as you’d expect from us, we only use high quality ingredients combined  in the unique Enjoy! way, and the end result tastes great!

Low Sugar Mint 

Low Sugar Orange 


What Enjoy!’s founders have to say: 

“In a time where people are increasingly interested in reducing the amount of sugar they eat, we’re delighted to bring our new Low Sugar Choc Bars to market. We’ve been really pleased with the feedback we’ve had so far and would love you to try them for yourself.”

We’re offering a 20% discount on these new bars until 2nd October 2022 with the code LOW20

We hope you Enjoy! them as much as we do-  let us know what you think!

Chris and Steph