Imagine this scenario…

…you’ve got a chocolatey craving and fancy a piece of Enjoy! chocolate.  You take the bar from the cupboard, open  the wrapper, but instead of seeing dark glossy chocolate, it’s gone white! 

That white coating you’re looking at is known as blooming. 

What is chocolate blooming? 

There are two main types- fat bloom and sugar bloom: 

  • Fat Bloom

This is the most common cause of bloom and it happens when chocolate is exposed to high temperatures. When chocolate gets hot, it softens, then when it cools again it contracts and squeezes the white cocoa fat out onto the surface. 

  • Sugar Bloom

If chocolate is stored in damp conditions, moisture collects on the surface and draws out the sugar, which then dries and crystallises on the surface. 

Is it OK to eat?

Bloomed chocolate can look very unappetising, but it is safe to eat. However, the flavour of the chocolate will be adversely affected if the blooming is severe. 

Rather than bin your bloomed chocolate, you could use it in baking. Check out the recipe section of our website for inspiration!

Can I  prevent it? 

To preserve its great taste and texture, we recommend storing your chocolate in a cool, dry place- not the fridge or freezer. However, we know many Enjoy! fans like to store their chocolate in the fridge in hot weather and it should be OK to do this for a short while..

What is Enjoy!’s role in preventing chocolate reaching customers bloomed?

  • If you order direct from us:

We  store our chocolate at the optimum temperature so when it leaves us it is in excellent condition. Shipping is via Royal Mail usually, and for most of the year temperature isn’t a problem while the chocolate is in transit. However, in exceptionally hot weather, we will temporarily stop shipping our chocolate and notify customers.

However, if your chocolate does arrive in poor condition, please let us know..

  • If you buy Enjoy! Chocolate from a retailer- either online or a physical shop:

Unfortunately we have no control over the way chocolate is stored in third party warehouses and shops, which can lead to bloom occurring. If this happens to you, please take it up with the retailer directly in the first instance.